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Aug 31st-Jul 2nd Weekend Overseas Box-Office Report

 Overseas Total:

MovieTotal Gross (INR)Total Gross (USD)Verdict
Baahubali [All Versions]
Rs70.37 Cr
$11.03 Million
All-Time Blockbuster 
MaariRs 14.54 Cr
$ 2.27 Million
Above Average 
PapanasamRs 11.57 Cr
$1.82 Million
Above Average 
Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar Rs 1.78 Cr
Average  Opening 
Orange MittaiRs 13.24 lacs
Below Average Opening
Idu Enna MaayamRs 26,556/-

United States

~ Official Box-Office Numbers

Yearly US Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross ($)Total Gross (INR)
33Baahubali [Hindi]2$91,24735$337,287Rs 2.15 Cr
68Orange Mittai1$8,69216$10,079Rs 6.45 lacs
110Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar 1$1,0964$1,096Rs 70,160/-
117Idu Enna Maayam1$4168$416Rs 26,556/-

Baahubali [Telugu]4--$6.7MRs 42.77 Cr

Baahubali [Tamil]4--$614,020Rs 3.92 Cr
-Maari---$89,822Rs 57.62 lacs
-Papanasam---$306,152Rs  1.94 Cr


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly Canada Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross ($)Total Gross (INR)
28Baahubali [Hindi]2$16,4556$74,244Rs 47.52 lacs

Baahubali [Tamil]4--$147,469Rs 94.14 lacs

Baahubali [Telugu]4--$128,795Rs 82.64 lacs
-Papanasam ---$70,714Rs 45.02 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly Malaysia Box-Office  
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
3Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar 1$163,04780$163,047Rs 1.04 Cr
11Baahubali [Tamil]4$36,00035$802,662Rs 5.12 Cr
19Orange Mittai1$6,27014$6,270Rs 4.01 lacs
21Maari3$5,51715$1,016,178Rs 6.50 Cr
-Papanasam---$596,327Rs 3.79 Cr


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly UK Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (£)ScreensTotal Gross(£)Total Gross (INR)
34Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar 1£11,07013£11,070Rs 11.06 lacs
47Orange Mittai1£2,7854£2,785Rs 2.78 lacs
61Baahubali [Tamil]4£1,8293£93,648Rs 66.06 lacs
62Maari2£1,7085£76,507Rs 76.46 lacs
-Papanasam---£64,574 Rs 64.19 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (A$)ScreensTotal Gross(A$)Total Gross (INR)
32Baahubali [Tamil]4A$18,1115A$283,245Rs 1.32 Cr
34Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar 1A$14,5434A$14,543Rs 6.78 lacs
-MaariNo More Shows--A$82,345Rs 38.46 lacs
-PapanasamNo More Shows--A$122,130Rs 57.08 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers 
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
-MaariNo More Shows--$10,998Rs 7.05 lacs
-PapanasamNo more Shows--$5,805Rs 3.68 lacs

Other Territories [Estimated]


TerritoryMovieEstimated Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
UAE, GCC,  Canada, SL, SG, Rest of Europe, South Africa and OthersMaari$980,000Rs 6.24 Cr

Baahubali [Tamil + Telugu + Hindi]

TerritoryMovieEstimated Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
UAE&GCC [Tamil, Telugu, Hindi], SL, SG, UK [Telugu], Rest of Europe [Tamil&Telugu], South Africa, Australia (Tamil Private Screens + Telugu), Canada (Telugu Private Screens), Mauritius [Tamil]and OthersBaahubali [Tamil + Telugu + Hindi]$1.91 MRs 12.19 Cr


TerritoryMovieEstimated Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
UAE, GCC, SL, SG, Rest of Europe, South Africa and OthersPapanasam$650,000Rs 4.13 Cr

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* Conservative Estimates


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