Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Top 10 All-Time Tamil Nadu Box-Office 

RankMovieRelease DateGross
1Baahubali2April 28, 2017Rs 136 Cr [Tamil Version]
2Viswasam January 10, 2019Rs 133 Cr *
3MersalOctober 17, 2017Rs 125.5 Cr
4SarkarNovember 6, 2018Rs 122 Cr
52.0November 29, 2018Rs 114 Cr [Excludes 3D Charges]
6Petta January 10, 2019Rs 111.5 Cr *
7EndhiranSeptember 30, 2010Rs 105 Cr
8IMovieJanuary 14, 2015Rs 76.7 Cr
9VedalamNovember 10, 2015Rs 76.5 Cr
10Kabali July 22, 2016Rs 74 Cr

* Still Running

  • Baahubali2 All-Versions TN Gross Rs 152 Cr

** This report was compiled from information obtained from various sources. If you notice any discrepancy, please leave your comment below.   


  1. Mankatha gross 55cr 48cr 29cr plz check again..... :)

  2. Replies
    1. http://www.tamilboxoffice1.com/2015/06/kanchana2-final-world-wide-box-office.html

    2. http://www.tamilboxoffice1.com/2015/06/kanchana2-final-world-wide-box-office.html

  3. Hi boss... According to an official statement by the Gov. of India, it has been said that "Veeram" has grossed more than Kaththi... http://www.iffi.nic.in/writereaddata/India_at_Cannes_2015.pdf

    Page Number: 63. Kinda change this. I understand it will be hard to keep up with the updates. This is most reliable source you can ever as it is from the goverment

  4. Even andhrabox office has reported that veeram has gross more than 50 Cr+ (as nett is 39.1 Cr and veeram being not tax exempted).It has TN gross more thaan YA and Mankatha.

  5. where is Vedalam's collection Report?

  6. What is kabali collection in tamilnadu

  7. Boss theri is 76cr i 75.5cr kabali 74cr and vedalam just 72-73cr kindly check the top 10

  8. Vedalam 76.5, theri 72, I 76, kabali 75, ya 59, kaththi 59, Arrambam 63, thuppaki 65, mankatha 55,

  9. All Vijay films after Thuppakki report fake collection. Remove them.

  10. Please provide 2.0 inclusive of 3d charges. Why partiality Mahabalipuram all version 152 mention 2.0 with 3d charges


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