Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yennai Arindhaal Closing World Wide Gross|Net|Share 

Tamil Nadu₹. 49.1 Cr₹.37.8 Cr₹.23.05 Cr
KA₹. 6 Cr₹. 4.60 Cr₹. 2.30 Cr
Kerala ₹.5.2 Cr ₹. 4.2 Cr₹.2.1 Cr
ROI₹. 1.2 Cr₹. 0.90 Cr₹.0.45 Cr
Overseas₹. 28.5 Cr ($4.55 M) ₹. 14.25 Cr
Total₹. 90.00 CrRs.47.5 (India) ₹. 42.15 Cr


TerritoryTel GrossTel NetTel Share
AP/TG₹.5.00  Cr₹.4.33  Cr₹. 3.00 Cr

Total [Tamil/Telugu]

Total GrossTotal NetTel Share
Total₹. 95.00 Cr₹.51.83 Cr [India]₹. 45.15 Cr

1. TN - Movie is sold for ₹ 35Cr and has finally recovered only a near 65% of it. Movie had a big fall after it's 1st weekend especially in B and C centres and A centres held well till 3rd weekend and helped the movie to get a decent final total. Few Buyers went for huge Mg's in A centres and had huge losses and buyers in Band C centres went for sharing basis and are not affected.  #BelowAverage

2. KA- Including Prints and Publicity, the movie was bought for ₹ 2.5Cr and managed to recover 92% of it finally.This is the highest grosser for Ajith here till date and can be termed as #Above Average

3. Kerala - Including Prints & Publicity the movie was bought for ₹ 2.9Cr and managed to recover 72% of it. With huge 80 lks (28% Loss) it can be termed as #Flop

4. ROI -It was an own release but didn't fare as expected and had a big fall after 1st weekend. Shows were very less / minor from 2nd week #Average

5. Overseas -  This is the best region where the movie has done good business comparatively .The overall selling price was  10 Cr, the break-even gross is about ₹ 20 Cr ($3.20 Million) and movie has done ₹ 28.5 Cr ($4.55 Million) #SuperHit

Overall worldwide Yennai Arindhaal is an Average Venture and is the  2nd biggest grosser for Ajith .

* This report was compiled from information obtained from various sources. If you notice any discrepancy, please leave your comment below.   


  1. It has highest opening and did well too in second week.As per trade sources from producer side has confirmed it as profitable to all including Kerala it seems to be complete biased report and negative report by your site from the release day onwards...

    1. Highest opening??rofl.its just an avg movie �� flop in kerala

    2. More than kaththi.haha.kaththi tn collection around 67cr.ya not even gross 50cr in tn. I think you are a Vijay hater.poi veliya pulambu

  2. in first week( feb 5 - 12 ) it grossed 39 Cr in TN as per your website and did it really collect 10 Cr only from 2nd week?
    Feb 5 - Release - Assuming 5 -11 is the first week.

    Despite Anegan/Kaaki Sattai/WC/Exams, it was able to collect 86 L during second weekend(Feb 12 might have earned 25 L out of 1.11 Cr), 81 L during third week and 30 L till final run(2.25Cr in Chennai itself.)

    Check out chennai behindwoods box office.

    Looks like Yennai arindhaal and Veeram TN box offices are being downplayed.


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