Tuesday, May 19, 2015

UthamaVillain final Box-Office Report


Tamil Nadu₹ 16Cr₹ 16Cr₹ 10Cr
AP/TG₹ 3Cr₹ 2.5Cr₹ 2Cr
KA*₹ 1.5Cr₹ 1.15Cr₹ 0.6Cr
Kerala ₹ 1.1Cr ₹ 0.9Cr₹ 0.45Cr
ROI __
OS₹ 17.8Cr
₹ 8.5Cr
Total₹ 39.4Cr 20.55Cr ₹ 21.55Cr 

* TN pre-biz excluding chennai has been done in 23 Cr ratio & raked only 8.5 Cr share. In Chennai City also film has taken a down trend after then 2nd weekend & lost many of its shows for the next week release #Disaster

* AP/TG rights were initially sold for 4.5 Cr but the buyer has dropped in last min due to delayed release. Film has hardly done 50% of Viswaroopam biz in AP/TG which wasn't also on expected levels #Flop

* Kerala rights has been sold for 2,25 Cr & included P&P costed around 2.4 Cr . Distributor has recovered only 20% of the investment #Disaster

* It is an own release in Karnataka but didn't perform on expected levels. Kamal Haasan has a 2cr market .Taking trade value it is a #Flop

*Overseas rights were sold for $2.36M (15 Cr) and final distributor recovery is only 55%. It was average in reviews based markets USA & Aus but failed in the core markets Malaysia,Singapore ,Srilanka,UAE &Europe #BelowAverage

*On an Overall UthamaVillain ends up as a disaster at Box-Office with not even recovering 50% of the theatrical rights and a huge 20 Cr loss for producer
 * This report was compiled from information obtained from various sources. If you notice any discrepancy, please leave your comment below.   


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