Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June 17-19th Weekend Overseas Box-Office Report

 Overseas Total:

MovieTotal Gross (INR)Total Gross (USD)Verdict
Idhu Namma AaluRs 4.83 Cr
Above Average
IraiviRs 2.07 Cr
Above Average
Enakku Innoru Per IrukkuRs 19.43 lacs
Below Average Opening

United States

~ Official Box-Office Numbers

Yearly US Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross ($)Total Gross (INR)
80Gurukulam3$2,6456$8,066Rs 5.44 lacs
106Enakku Innoru Per Irukku1$1,2026$1,479Rs 1.0 lacs
125Iraivi3$6652$117,122Rs 78.97 lacs

Idhu Namma Aalu---$65,032Rs 43.61 lacs 


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly Canada Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (CAD$)ScreensTotal Gross (CAD$)Total Gross (INR)

24---$160,857Rs 1.08 Cr


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly Malaysia Box-Office  
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (MYR)ScreensTotal Gross(MYR)Total Gross (INR)
11Muthina Kathirika1121,706 MYR-121,706 MYRRs 19.96 lacs
12Enakku Innoru Per Irukku186,237 MYR-86,237 MYRRs 14.14 lacs
17Iraivi36,243 MYR-268,494 MYRRs 44.04 lacs
18Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran 34,532 MYR-78,003 MYRRs 12.80 lacs
25Angali Pangali1236 MYR-355 MYRRs 5,826 /.

Idhu Namma Aalu---1,562,750 MYRRs 2.56 Cr


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly UK Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (£)ScreensTotal Gross(£)Total Gross (INR)
47Enakku Innoru Per Irukku1£4,35124£4,351Rs 4.29 lacs

Iraivi---£11,634Rs 11.07 lacs

Idhu Namma Aalu---£20,496Rs 19.80 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (A$)ScreensTotal Gross(A$)Total Gross (INR)

Iraivi---A$1,490Rs 0.71 lacs

24 [Tamil & Telugu]---A$260,155Rs 1.27 Cr

New Zealand

~ Official Box-Office Numbers 

RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (NZ$)ScreensTotal Gross(NZ$)Total Gross (INR)

24 [Tamil & Telugu]---NZ$22,543Rs 10.32 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers 
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross($)Total Gross (INR)

24---$20,193Rs 13.48 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers 

RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross($)Total Gross (INR)

243--102,240€Rs 76.05 lacs

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