Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 29th-31st Weekend Overseas Box-Office Report

 Overseas Total:

MovieTotal Gross (INR)Total Gross (USD)Verdict
Uttama Villain[Tamil & Telugu]₹ 18.11 Crores
Below Average
Masss [Tamil & Telugu]₹  15.52 Crores
Average Opening 
36 Vayadhinile₹ 3.97 Crores
Super Hit 
Demote Colony₹ 17.54 lacs$27,555
Below Average
Mosagallaku Mosagadu (Telugu)₹ 5.79 lacs$9,123
Below Average

United States

~ Official Box-Office Numbers

Yearly US Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross ($)Total Gross (INR)
18Masss1$229,97989$229,979₹ 1.46 Cr
45Rakshasudu [Telugu]1$32,04223$32,042₹ 20.39 lacs
10736 Vayadhinile3$1,43512$76,058₹ 48.36 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly Malaysia Box-Office  
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
2Masss1$748,527 80$800,000 *₹ 5.09 Cr
1336 Vayadhinile3$9,58411$276,192 ₹ 1.76 Cr
22Demote Colony2$1,4105$27,555₹ 17.54 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
Yearly UK Box-Office
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (£)ScreensTotal Gross(£)Total Gross (INR)
15Masss1£85,95129£85,951₹   83.22 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (A$)ScreensTotal Gross(A$)Total Gross (INR)
12Masss1A$103,94911A$103,949₹ 50.30 lacs
7436 Vayadhinile2A$3146A$60,041₹ 29.19 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers 
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
13Masss1$12,9045$12,904₹ 8.21 lacs


~ Official Box-Office Numbers 
RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (€)ScreensTotal Gross(€)Total Gross (INR)
26Masss1€38,71820€38,718₹ 27.51 lacs

Others [* Estimated]


TerritoryMovieEstimated Gross($)Total Gross (INR)
UAE, GCC, SL, SG, Rest of Europe, South Africa and OthersMasss$1.16 Million  ₹ 7.39 Cr

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* Conservative Estimates


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