Monday, August 8, 2016


  Kabali [All Versions] 17 Days World Wide Gross|Net|Share 

Tamil NaduRs 73 CrRs 73 CrRs 47 Cr
KA *Rs 30 CrRs 23 CrRs 12 Cr
Kerala *Rs 16 Cr Rs 13 CrRs 7.5 Cr
AP/TGRs 37  CrRs 33 CrRs 22 Cr
ROIRs 40  CrRs 27 CrRs  13.5 Cr

India TotalRs 196 CrRs 169 CrRs 102 Cr

OverseasRs 103 Cr ($15.40M) Rs  52 Cr

World Wide TotalRs 299  CrRs 169 Cr (India) Rs  154 Cr

* This report was compiled from information obtained from various sources. If you notice any discrepancy, please leave your comment below.   


  1. We have given 3 days collection from ABO

    Official Report from BOI is 197 Crores Nett. You had given it as Gross. Gross is 240 Crores till date. Other than overseas everthing you had given are fake. First understood the GROSS & NETT and then post your figures.

    From which do you get the TN Collectios? I can prove you are totally wrong.

  2. You told first three days tn 17 days tn you say 73cr.14 days collected only 30 cr chennai&chengalpet only collected 20+ cr in last 14 days. .definitely you gave undervalued in all area

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